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Paradox: Mandala Tattoos and the Meaning of Life

Paradox’s career as a graphic designer producing logotypes and business cards in a stuffy office is almost like a past life. What made him quit, was his unwillingness to continue working a 9 to 5 job. Based in Enschede, Eastern Netherlands near the German border, Paradox attentively works with his clients, making tattoos that are spiritual […]

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India’s Sunny Bhanushali Tattoos Elaborately in Realism Style

“For me, (knowledge) sharing for good is the ultimate goal of a human being,” comments Sunny Bhanushali, a tattooist and owner of Aliens Tattoo studio in Mumbai; founder of Online Tattoo Learning program and India’s First Tattoo School where he teaches aspiring artists about his trade. “The more I teach, the better I have gotten with […]