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Between the Lines: 10 Tattoo Artists Working in Negative Space

The term “negative space” is one of the first things you learn in art class, but it’s an innate concept. You’ve already seen it—you just needed a name for it. Oftentimes, negative space goes unnoticed. If it’s not adding anything meaningful to an image, then it might as well be invisible. But when this area […]

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Japan-Based Tattooer Gakkin Creates Beautiful Body Suits

Once dreaming of becoming a fashion designer, Gakkin simply got bored of fashion school and preferred hanging out at local tattoo shops. Fast forward almost two decades later, he is revered in the international tattoo scene for his freehand color and black works. The latter being the focus of this feature and showing us he’s […]

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Abstract Tattoos by Szymon Gdowicz are Homage to the Paintbrush

Working under the moniker Pain Ting, Szymon Gdowicz brings a painterly touch to his tattoos. The colorful works of body art feature bold pigment that mimics the carefree fluidity of watercolor, with giant brushstrokes and drips across skin. They are punctuated by finer details that look like markers rather than the etching of a needle. […]