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Minimalist Tattoos That Say a Lot with Just a Few Lines

The art movement known as minimalism is ubiquitous today, but it only emerged to prominence about 60 years ago. Established in the United States, it initially referred to artworks comprising geometric shapes. This approach, which included painters like Frank Stella, Donald Judd, and Agnes Martin, implores the viewer to respond to “only to what is […]

Art Body Art Special Feature Tattoo

Single Needle Tattoos

Somewhere between a bold statement and “barely there,” the single needle technique is broadening the realm of possibility for micro tattoos. Whether hand poked or machine-powered, fine lines allow for more complexity in a smaller space. This can eliminate room for error, so it’s a task for only the steadiest of hands. But when it’s done well, the […]

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The Beautifully Minimalist Tattoos of Axel Ejsmont

Following the rule of “Less is More,” Axel Ejsmont tattoos wildlife designs that are stripped down to the essential forms through lines and dots. Her work is soothingly simple to the eye but well-thought-out in terms of shapes and composition—some of it influenced from Persian rugs and Indian tribal patterns. Using a limited color palette […]

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Peechaya Burroughs and her Wacky Minimalist Photography

Peechaya Burroughs’s photography is a lot of fun: skillfully composed images of various objects, including lots of food, are coated in pastel colours and shot with an eye for minimalism. Originally from Thailand and now based in Sydney, Australia, she has a background in graphic design which you can see coming through her work. Food […]

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Yuni Kim Lang Creates Incredibly Big Wigs for Korean Women

Inspired in large part by an ancient Korean practise called “Gache” that involved prominent and richly clad women wearing elaborate wig designs, visual artist Yuni Kim Lang has turned this custom into a captivating sculptural project. Titled “Comfort Hair,” it feels like an exquisitely realised piece of performance art and the minimalist imagery is stunning. Top: Photo taken at […]