Art Body Art Erotic Nude Typography

Pokras Lampas’ Calligraphy on Female Nudes

Note: Contains nudity. Shown here are the latest pictures from Pokras Lampas’ ongoing series “Calligraphy on Girls.” Some of his past work, lettering on models and paper, were previously published on Illusion, and there is no doubt that Lampas is exceptional at what he does on all sorts of canvases. This St. Petersburg-based artist has […]

Abstract Art Body Art Tattoo

Klaim’s Stencil and Watercolor Tattoos from 2014

Having featured Klaim’s tattoo art last year, his new work is a continuation of his painterly aesthetic which is greatly desired by many people. He has his style locked in, from watercolor flowers to bold black shapes combined with elaborate line art. It looks like there is a mix of past-era objects with futuristic graphics […]

Art Birds Body Art Tattoo

The Photorealist Tattoos of Paolo Murtas

Currently living and working in the island of Sardinia in Italy, Paolo Murtas has tattooed a beautiful assortment of birds and movie scenes on his clients. Cinematic examples include the slow-mo scene of Marla Singer smoking a cig in “Fight Club,” Raoul Duke’s crazy-eye look in “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” (in a crazy ass […]

Anamorphic Animals Art Graffiti Motion Murals Spray Paint Street Art

Pantonio’s Graffiti Art of Rabbits in Motion

Pantonio is an established name in the street art circuit in Portugal. Known for human-animal hybrids in motion, and fishes and lots of rabbits. His characters seem to be part of a moving picture, which are incredibly painted with elongated black bodies and textured lines. One of his newest projects is a partially anamorphic painting […]

Movies Photography Special Feature

5 Visually Stunning European Films of 2014

The diversity of films made by directors inside Europe, in any year, is always inspiring. In spite of the many political problems of the Eurozone and the European Union, and the knock-on funding pressures that this has placed on filmmakers, a wealth of talent and creativity has emerged in 2014. Focusing on the most visually engaging […]

Art Body Art Dark Art Skulls Tattoo

Sliced Bones: Tattoos from Russia

If you gather all the knives, axes, bugs, animal skulls and traps, you will likely have enough props for a horror movie. Some of Roman Boyko’s tattoos look like they came out of a slasher film, or just a sinister edition of an anatomy book. He uses black ink to illustrate the vertebral column and […]