Art Body Art Painting Tattoo

Tattoos for Nature Lovers by Pis Saro

“The mood of my art changes with the seasons,” Crimean tattooer Pis Saro describes to me. “I grow flowers and watch them attentively, looking at each fractal detail in petals and leaves. They’re not as simple as they seem! I like to study plants, animals and birds of different countries, too, always searching for new […]

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Beardin-Lazursky’s Alluring Images of Martyrs and Clairvoyants

Collaborating with photographer Dmitry Nedikhalow and makeup artist Tatyana Chekmezova, Alexander Beardin-Lazursky creates the Latin titled project “Obelisk of Ignorabimus,” which inspires and fuses images of futurism with traditional Russian art. Taking this aesthetic even further in his next series, “Three of Swords,” Beardin-Lazursky influences again from Eastern Orthodox Icons—positioning isolated figures center of framing […]

Animals Body Art Surreal Tattoo

Shape-Shifting Blackwork Tattoos by Matteo Nangeroni

Matteo Nangeroni combines portraiture with a surreal compositional elements to produce tattoos that are simultaneously elegant and strange. The blackwork body art—with influences of cubism, comics, and geometry—features shape-shifting, two-faced characters and creatures that raise more questions than they answer. As two seemingly disparate parts connect to each other, we’re left wondering what their relation […]

Animals Art Body Art Dark Art Ecological Horror Monsters Skulls Tattoo

Placide Avantia Tattoos the Dark Aesthetics of Nature and Geometry

Placide Avantia is a tattoo artist based in Aix-en-Provence, France. Combining animal imagery with geometric shapes and esoteric symbols, she etches (using vegan ink) the darkest aspects of nature, illuminating the symmetry, spiritualism, and cycles of life and death that permeate the natural world. She works from her private studio Fuscare, which she designed with […]

Abstract Art Body Art Tattoo

Free-Flowing Abstract Tattoos by Sanne Vaghi

Many new school tattooers have academic degrees in fine arts, and that is the case with Dutch artist Sanne Vaghi who upon graduating became a tattoo apprentice and now works professionally at Zoes Zirkus in Berlin, Germany. Known for her abstract art style of nature-based themes, Vaghi admits being fascinated with “the feeling of transience […]

Horror Movies Special Feature

The 10 Greatest French Horror Films Ever Made

Note: Contains images that may be considered graphic and disturbing to some readers. Since the beginning of the 21st century, France has been the go-to country for the latest in horror. Pushing boundaries in ways never before seen on the big screen, critics dubbed what was happening as “New French Extremism.” While not exclusively a […]

Art Body Art Tattoo

The Beautifully Minimalist Tattoos of Axel Ejsmont

Following the rule of “Less is More,” Axel Ejsmont tattoos wildlife designs that are stripped down to the essential forms through lines and dots. Her work is soothingly simple to the eye but well-thought-out in terms of shapes and composition—some of it influenced from Persian rugs and Indian tribal patterns. Using a limited color palette […]

Classic Erotic Movies Special Feature

10 Sensual Italian Films

Italian cinema has produced its fair share of classics over the last century. Many of these possess a strong sensual atmosphere at their core, one that is fundamental to their identity and country. The well-known names in this context include Bernardo Bertolucci’s erotic classic “Last Tango in Paris,” which had Marlon Brando as a depressed […]

Art Character Design Graffiti Spray Paint Street Art

Ella and Pitr’s Graffiti of Giant Humans Sleeping on Rooftops

Known as “Les Papiers Peintres” (Paper Painters), Ella and Pitr from France seem like they’ve partnered with a higher entity to illustrate these massive characters on top of buildings. The artists have been busy painting rooftops in their home country as well as in Portugal, Italy and Canada. They often use a gallon sprayer for […]

Art Black & White Erotic Illustration Nude

Quirky Nude Illustrations by Constantinos Chaidalis

Constantinos Chaidalis is a Greek illustrator and designer based in Athens. For his self-initiated project “Thin Air,” he has created a series of subtle depictions of human fragility and nudity, with some delightful surreal flourishes thrown into the mix: headless bodies riding on the back of birds and faceless bodies adorned with antlers. Images © Constantinos […]