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Pushing the Limit in Tattoos by Aleksy MarcinĂłw

Like many artists working today, Aleksy MarcinĂłw’s creative practice involves more than one artistic approach. Always striving to make his best work, he writes, “I am trying to spread my work [in] different fields, instead of limiting myself to one. As [for] medium I am using everything I can from canvas and paper to human […]

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Breaking the Boundaries: An Interview with Tattooer Rit Kit

If you aren’t familiar with the name Rit Kit, you might be acquainted with her tattoos. Last year, her live leaf approach went viral and propelled her into body art stardom. Working directly from nature, there’s simultaneously a beautiful order as well as spontaneity to Rit Kit’s tattoos. Dipping flowers and leaves in stencil ink, […]

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Pristine Geometric Tattoos by Malvina Maria Wisniewska

The tattoo artist Malvina Maria Wisniewska (Malwina8) is a master of minimalism and geometry. Using black ink, she creates flawless, razor-sharp lines that transform sections of the body into intersecting layers of triangles and diamonds, creating a three-dimensional look. In some of her works, she applies the same geometric aesthetic to create abstractions of familiar […]

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10 Tattooers from Eastern Europe to Keep Your Eye On

With the soaring popularity of tattoos coupled with increased globalism, the world gets seemingly smaller and smaller—tattooists from across the world are easily inspired by cultures in foreign lands. Likewise, these artists also travel to tattoo shops in different countries and bring their unique style there. Illusion magazine has been an admirer of the work that comes […]

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Bold Tattoos by Inez Janiak Look Like Charcoal Drawings

Inez Janiak creates tattoos that look as though they’re drawn with charcoal or pen. The Poland-based artist has seemingly ripped her designs from the pages of a sketchbook and flawlessly translated them onto human skin. The bold yet unsure lines—which vary in weight line like the drawing tool—retain their energetic look and feel, like they’re […]

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Black-Ink Portraits Accented with a Hint of Red by Denis Marakhin

St. Petersburg-based artist Denis Marakhin uses red ink as a striking accent color to his bold tattoos and drawings. The stylized pieces are reminiscent of graphic novels that utilize shape-driven shading, some parts flattened and opaque, and other parts with defined forms. Like a comic book, Marakhin also incorporates text into the works, carving out […]

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A Peek into the Photographic World of Denis Kulikov

Note: Contains nudity. The 23-year-old Russian photographer Denis Kulikov finds most of his models through the web. Some are actual friends. Often posing in the nude, the models sit on sofas and beds, walk around someone’s home closing and opening doors, and playfully throw plastic sheeting over their bodies to create artistic shots for the […]

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Digimatism: A Future Visual Language by Stanislaw Wilczynski

Moscow-based tattoo artist Stanislaw Wilczynski produces shape-centric imagery that is born out of the Digimatism movement. Digimatism, a combination of the words “digital” and “suprematism,” describes his bold abstract assemblages that are created with the help of the computer. This contemporary approach has a historic bend to it by recalling artistic movements from the early […]

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Chaotic Glitch Art Tattoos by Timur Lysenko

Timur Lysenko has been tattooing for 10 years, and his style is constantly evolving because he’s willing to try new visual techniques. Some of his most striking works mix photorealistic faces with glitch art, where the human subjects emerge from stiff pixels and chaotic lines. “Three years ago I made my first tattoo where I […]