Art Black & White Dark Art Photography Tattoo

Mattia Crepaldi’s Dark Portraits of Tattooed Models

Selene Moonshine poses against a black backdrop. Photographer Mattia Crepaldi gets a close-up of her gorgeous freckled face and tattooed shoulders. Perfectly shot in black and white, it is still easy to guess the shade of her Auburn hair. This model and others are captured under dim lighting, a photo styling that Crepaldi commonly uses […]

Art Dark Art Painting Portraits

Kim Sangduck’s Dark Painting Studies of the Body

Korean visual artist Kim Sangduck paints dark visions of the mind, ones that manifests itself in distortions of the body. This mood can be seen in many of his canvases, such as where his subject’s head is engulfed in thick paint strokes, resembling bloody tubes or intestines, and in his paintings of two haunting spectres […]

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Halloween and Gothic Fashion Photography

Note: Contains images that may be considered graphic and disturbing to some readers. The Gothic look and the Halloween season can be a great source of inspiration for fashion photographers and stylists. As the dark nights get ever darker, it is the time of year to enjoy Victorian ghost stories and trashy horror flicks to […]