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Color and Emotion: Interview with Tattooist Santa Perpetua

Brighton-based artist Santa Perpetua combines a lifetime using a variety of different artistic medium with an abstract, emotional approach to tattooing. The result is tattoos that combine the fluid vitality of nature with the technique of a traditional painter. She brings the same intuitive approach to all aspects of her practice, choosing to work out […]

A Tattooed Twist on Fantastical Tales by Kati Berinkey

Combining elements of portraiture and fairy tales, Porto-based artist Kati Berinkey tattoos striking busts of women in vibrant, candy-colored hues. They have a sense of movement about them, with tiny lines that convey three-dimensionality. These characters often appear as modern day renditions of classic stories like that of Adam of Eve and Little Red Riding […]

Candy-Colored Tattoos by Katie Shocrylas

Katie Shocrylas creates tattoos that look like an edgier version of the iconic illustrator Lisa Frank. The rainbow-colored works use a similarly vibrant palette that turns everything—no matter how realistic her drawings may be—into a technicolor dreamscape. For Shocrylas, the relationships that come from tattooing is truly special. “I have always loved the fact that […]