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Jaw-Dropping Modern Movie Trailers

The manner in which we view movie trailers has changed a lot since the advent of the Internet. A long time ago, in a galaxy not far, far away, because it’s actually this one, audiences were exposed to the latest adverts for films during the preview section of the program. Today, we watch them online […]

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Awesome Robot Characters in Recent Movies

Ever since Fritz Lang’s sci-fi epic “Metropolis” (1927) gave the world Evil Maria, synthetic beings have reflected many of our fears and desires regarding the role of technology in society. From the malfunctioning computer system HAL 9000 in “2001: A Space Odyssey” (1968) to nerdy messenger C3PO (“Star Wars”), all the way to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s […]

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10 Movies That Mess With Your Head

It is often said that movies are the closest thing we have to re-experiencing our dreams. As can often happen after eating a block of cheddar cheese before bedtime, directors can present us with perplexing movie-dreams packed to the gills with the absurd, the baffling, the confusing, the mind-melting and sometimes just the plain old […]

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10 Movies You Should Check Out in 2014

The beginning of the year marks a fresh page of excitement for film fans. We hold “great expectations.” The big question on everybody’s lips is this: “Will 2014 be as good as 2013?” There was something about the previous year—and many of the films released—that had audience and critics agreeing that it was a very […]