Tag: Black Ink Tattoos

Mysticism Etched on Skin by Phil Tworavens

Tattoo artist Phil Tworavens etches ink inspired by mysticism, philosophy, and esoteric beliefs. Using finely lined blackwork as a vessel, he expresses subjects and sentiments that are as rich as they are varied. Tworavens’ tattoos include scientific sketches as well as fusions between man and nature, heaven and earth. Ultimately, the tattoos prize knowledge that’s […]

Masterfully Drafted Tattoos by OOZY Add Twist to Famous Art

South Korean tattoo studio OOZY utilizes exquisitely-etched lines to create body art that demonstrates a mastery of classic draftsmanship. Small hatches and thin precise marks are featured in tattoos of animals, portraiture, and art itself. Some of OOZY’s most impressive works are interpretations of famous paintings, like a series of chest tattoos of iconic Da Vinci […]

Naturalistic Tattoos Resemble Vintage Etchings

Artist Pony Reinhardt transports us to the woods with her naturalistic tattoos. The monochromatic line drawings feature animals, flowers, and even fungi, stitched together in sprawling scenes that highlight the Earth’s beauty. Their detailed style showcases all of the outdoors, from meticulously-etched veins in leaves to roughly-textured bird beaks to the grain of wood on […]

Meticulously Stippled Ornamental Tattoos by Jessica Kinzer

Jessica Kinzer has only been tattooing since 2014, but she’s produced stunning body art in that time. She adorns her clients with monochromatic baroque designs that feature stylized flowers and elegant flourishes. To shade these sprawling pieces, she pricks the skin with countless tiny dots and creates a stippled effect. Kinzer’s works are inspired by more than […]

Lines and Dots: The Blackwork of Tattooer Okan Uckun

Having read various online news reports about “Turkey Ban[ning] Tattoos, Body Piercings and Dyed Hair in Schools,” one has to ask Turkish native and tattooer Okan Uckun if the industry has actually improved? He tells me that in the last three years it has gotten better. With artists completing their college degrees—understanding history and the […]

Single Needle Tattoos

Somewhere between a bold statement and “barely there,” the single needle technique is broadening the realm of possibility for micro tattoos. Whether hand poked or machine-powered, fine lines allow for more complexity in a smaller space. This can eliminate room for error, so it’s a task for only the steadiest of hands. But when it’s done well, the […]

Striking Geometric Blackwork by Tomas Tomas

Often tattooing full sleeves and body suits, Tomas Tomas’ neo-tribal art is for clients who know precisely what they want. Those looking for low-contrast white tattoos can visit this page, because Tomas is all about bold blackwork that combines abstract geometric patterns sometimes with op art. A few of his designs include motion illusion effects, […]

The Beautifully Minimalist Tattoos of Axel Ejsmont

Following the rule of “Less is More,” Axel Ejsmont tattoos wildlife designs that are stripped down to the essential forms through lines and dots. Her work is soothingly simple to the eye but well-thought-out in terms of shapes and composition—some of it influenced from Persian rugs and Indian tribal patterns. Using a limited color palette […]