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Dynamic Character Sketches in Ink: Interview with Cutty Bage

Portraits come to life in the tattoos of Cutty Bage, an artist working from Speakeasy Tattoo Co. in Boone, North Carolina. Inspired by horror and mystery, she uses her skill to add new dimensions to peculiar characters from comics, film, and literature, such as Wednesday Addams, Agent Cooper, and Edgar Allen Poe. Cutty Bage began […]

White-on-Black Tattoo Experiments

One side effect from the rise in tattooing is a rise in regret, as well. That’s a big reason white-on-black ink cover ups are sparking curiosities around the world. White-on-black isn’t new, but it’s definitely growing as more people seek creative cover ups. Lasering is expensive, scarification is still niche, and solid blackwork can feel […]