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Inside the 13th International London Tattoo Convention

Known as the “Super Bowl” of tattoo conventions, stated by renowned artist Carlos Torres who’s traveled the world for tattooing events for the last two decades and has been to this one seven times. (It is invite-only.) The London event is exactly that—the Super Bowl! Already in its 13th year, it prides itself on bringing […]

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David Gluck Interview: Transitioning From Painting to Tattooing

While David Gluck has only been inking bodies for a few years, he has been inking canvases for over a decade. His oil paintings evoke classical artists like Rembrandt in their use of light and shadow, and through careful practice he has brought that style to his tattoos as well. His friendly and engaging demeanor […]

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Nightmarish Tattoos: An Interview with Dark Artist Neon Judas

His real name is David Rinklin, better known as “Neon Judas.” The German artist specializes in black-and-grey tattoos of dark subject matters such as skulls, clowns and devils, and just reading these three words seems much lighter than what the actual work looks like. His tattoos infernally look like they’re snaps from horror films, death […]