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The Work of Jeff Robb, the Three-Dimensional Artist

Note: Contains nudity. Jeff Robb’s 3D art allows us to reminisce those days as a child in a swimming pool, submerged in water and appreciating the beauty of silence. His nude models slowly move back and forth like graceful ballet dancers. They are gorgeous and part of his continuous study of the human body and […]

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The 80s Rule: Animated GIFs by Kidmograph

Although he calls himself the “90s Kid,” he clearly got influenced from the 80s too. Sci-fi, cyberspace and tons of neon parade his animated GIFs and video work. Kidmograph (Gustavo Torres) effortlessly creates futuristic worlds that resemble many 80s sci-fi and fantasy-themed album covers and movies like the original “Tron” and “Blade Runner.” Images © […]

Animation Art Black & White

The Vintage Animated GIFs of Bill Domonkos

Imagine one of those 20th century hunting paintings, but instead of the hunter aiming at a duck, he is pointing his rifle at a UPS box floating in the air. That’s a surreal and strange scenario, but perfectly in line with the mind-set of Bill Domonkos who manipulates archive film footage and photos and adds […]

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Swirly Fun Animated GIFs by Ni Fong

If you look attentively at Ni Fong’s zoetrope-style animated GIFs, you can see technicality in it. It isn’t just skulls and butterflies dancing around randomly, each shape connects with the other and other—metamorphosing like an insect life cycle. It is incredibly made by this Brussels-based illustrator who also animated and directed this music video for […]

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Animated GIFs in Bubble Gum Colors

Animated GIFs are often visually addictive, and for those of you constantly on Tumblr, you may have seen plenty there. But as I have mentioned before in past posts (here, here and here), there is an art to making these motion loops; some artists are really going the extra step. Zolloc is another name to […]