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The Fun Modernist Tattoos of Carlo Amen

Lighthearted and colorful is the linework of Carlo Amen, a tattooist and co-owner of private studio Les Maux Bleus in Paris. His art is inspired by French Modernists and Spanish artist Picasso who spent most of his life in France. The 1939 cubist painting “The Weeping Woman” and 1949 line drawing “Dove of Peace” ghostly […]

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Absurdist and Avant-Garde Ink by Heavenly Beauty Tattoo

Avant-garde artist Ilia Zharkov is hungry for the madness that lies just beneath the surface. As an engineer, he fell in love with geometric precision. As a Moscow-based Millennial, he learned that perfection is also usually a lie. Whether we’re whitewashing our own stories with photo filters, or covering up scandals with propaganda, flawless images only […]

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Skin and Walls: Bold Tattoos by Street Artist Luca Font

Luca Altini, aka Luca Font, occupies two distinct parts of the art world. He got his start with graffiti, tagging walls when he was 15 or 16 years old. Tattoos came later, but both are created in a bold, graphic style and inspired by a love of video games and skateboard graphics. Supple skin and […]