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The Best Sexual (BDSM) Moments in Cinema

Note: Contains sexual references. Modern cinema is going through a bit of a fetish for the darker and kinkier side of sex at the moment, most noticeably in the legion of yummy mummies queuing for the “Fifty Shades of Grey” adaptation. But this film pales in comparison to Peter Strickland’s gloriously strange and ultra-European sexual odyssey, “The […]

5 Meaty Cannibal Movies

Whispered tales of gore and recounted stories of cannibalism have been with us since human culture began, in a variety of forms. Cinema, however, a more recent-ish medium, has offered servings of butchered flesh in a buffet of bloody movies. The rise of the cannibal flick coincided, in certain regards, with censorship becoming more lax […]

Sofia Coppola’s 5 Greatest Scenes

Part lonely, dreamy girl, part Hollywood princess. This may be a rather obvious description of one of cinema’s modern visionaries, but the media love to portray Sofia Coppola as a naive young woman spoilt by her gilded LA upbringing. Her name has become a brand; a byword for cool, understated movies about bored privileged girls set to a […]

5 Asian Action Films That Kick Ass!

Note: This article includes a violent image. Viewer discretion is advised. In a sense, all Asian action movies kick ass—even those no-budget DTV “ninja” flicks that seemed to come out once a week in the Eighties. Ass-kicking is what defines them. Yet there are some martial arts movies that can take on the competition and […]