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10 Influential Erotic Films from Sweden

Swedish cinema historically has a more liberal stance towards sex than their North American counterparts. This can be seen in cinema as far back as 1951 with Arne Mattsson’s “One Summer of Happiness,” which features a frank depiction of both nudity and sex between a man and a woman. This film and Ingmar Bergman’s “Summer […]


Ten of the Best Films From Japan

So rich has been the history and variety of films from the Land of the Rising Sun that narrowing down a selection of the best—or even of favourites—is practically impossible. Here, then, is something a little more provisional: an eclectic anthology of ten titles which will each amaze, enthral and astonish, and which collectively will […]

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10 Imaginative Japanese Science Fiction Movies

Modern Japanese science fiction was birthed in nuclear fire at the close of World War II. It left a sobering impression of the dangers of technology that can be felt to this day, and it created a generation of directors who are keenly aware of how delicate their mortality is. Science fiction is a medium […]

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10 Exciting LGBT Movies to See in 2017

While LBGT cinema is a burgeoning genre, these films often struggle to make an impact with mainstream audiences. However, in an incredibly memorable moment at the 2016 Oscars, “Moonlight” won the award for Best Picture in 2016. A film about a young person of color coming to terms with his sexuality not only received a […]

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10 Erotic Foreign Films to Push Your Boundaries

North American sensibilities towards sex are often considered repressive—and even downright puritanical—as compared to those of Europe and South America. In the United States and Canada, this history of repression extends to the point where a frank and healthy discussion of consent and sexual exploration in our media is almost unheard of; after all, sex […]

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10 Movies Revealing the Cultural Significance of BDSM

With the success of “Fifty Shades of Grey” on the printed page and the big screen, BDSM (Bondage, Domination, Sadism, Masochism) has burst forth from the shadows of popular consciousness. . . . Or so it seems. In fact, dating as far back as 1967, filmmakers have had a fascination with this particular brand of […]

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Terrible, Beautiful Life: 10 Movies That Will Provoke Existential Angst

Perhaps you’re not the type of movie-watcher who likes to sit in front of the TV with snacks and a loved one, ready to laugh and feel good about life. Perhaps you’re the type who wants to be filled with existential dread, hugging yourself as you weep softly over how terrifying it is to be […]

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The Ten Best Films From Cannes 2016

The incomparable “Festival de Cannes” is done for another year. And what a year it’s been. The Official Selection was extraordinary, with legendary filmmakers and their latest works turning up on the Croisette. The jury was headed by “Mad Max” helmer, Dr. George Miller. The mild-mannered Aussie director and his selected jurors (including Mads Mikkelsen, […]

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Voyeuristic Movies: The Fascinatingly Disturbing Works of Hitchcock, Lynch…

“You like to watch … don’t you?” Sharon Stone’s iconic line in 1993’s erotic thriller “Sliver” addresses the viewer as much as it does a character in the movie. Voyeurism in cinema is a theme long exploited by directors and writers. Films often like to address voyeuristic tendencies, whether through plot or aesthetics, but movies […]

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10 New Movies that Deserve Cult Status

Cult movies go against the grain in a host of different ways. What makes them “cult” can be down to different and varied sets of criteria. One key aspect is devout fans. Plenty of films fail on release and find an audience much later on down the road. As US writer Armond White once sagely […]