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Nature Illustrations that Venture “Into the Woods” and Beyond

In Stephen Sondheim’s critically-acclaimed musical Into the Woods, characters from several iconic fairy tales are intertwined as they each venture into the one place they’re all unsure of—the dark woods. This is the place where Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Jack (from “Jack and the Beanstalk”) and others have to leave their comfort zones and […]

Design Illustration Special Feature

Illusion Magazine’s Coolest Illustration Picks of Spring 2016

If the beginning of 2016 is any indication, it’s going to be a phenomenal year for illustration. Already, creatives have wowed us with their technique and compelling subject matter. The field of illustration—best known for accompanying book covers and editorial articles—can introduce just about any topic and format, giving creatives the freedom to explore and […]

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10 Nude Paintings by Renowned Artists

Note: Contains nudity. Nude paintings have the power to shock as well as the ability to move people. This is due to the beauty with which some artists can render the body in oil paints. Many contemporary artists are still trying to find new ways to cause outrage with their paintbrushes, but not always, and […]

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10 Best Submissions from Readers in 2014

This year, many fine artists have shared their exciting projects with Illusion as part of our Community section. It has been our hard task to pick the 10 best submissions for 2014, from all your entries. Hopefully there will be something for everyone in our selection, from paintings to digital portraits and mixed-media art. Let […]

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10 Disturbing Artistic Creations

Normally, if we’re in one of those masochistic moods where we want to feel the cold fingers of terror, we naturally turn to cinema or literature. Settling down to watch “The Shining” for the seventeenth time, or jumping into some Lovecraft can usually scratch that particular (and peculiar) itch. Rarely do we turn to visual […]

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10 Remakes of Grant Wood’s “American Gothic”

Grant Wood submitted his painting “American Gothic” to a competition at the Art Institute of Chicago, and the judges disregarded it as a “comic valentine.” But a museum patron convinced the Art Institute to keep the art piece, and today it remains there for the public to see. It is currently one of the most […]

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10 Spectacular Digital Paintings by Various Artists

There are many outstanding digital artists who are able to meticulously illustrate their visions to computer screens. Their imaginary worlds are great escapes from their daily lives, and also become visual havens for spectators. From colors, lighting to texture, each image must perfectly convey a story or beautiful moment in time. Here, you will find […]