Bird Mirage Reflections

Pink Flamingo Reflection in Water

Continuing the series of reflection photos (e.g. Cityscapes and Natural Landscapes), this time I have included birds. From flamingos lining up for a picture in India, to pelicans beautifully reflecting in Lake Nakuru in Kenya. No image was digitally composed, these are the real snapshots.

Photo by Nitin Prabhudesai. These flamingos were located in Little Rann of Kutch, Gujarat, India.
Black-headed gull reflection
“Black-headed Gull, a picture by Reyltar taken in Saint-Quentin-en-Tourmont, France.
Bird reflected in water
A photo of a Reddish Egret by Michael Skelton—Ft DeSoto Park Tierra,Verde, Florida.
Avocet reflection
Photo by Kruissink.
Birds reflected in water by Michell Krog
Photo by Mitchell Krog. “I captured these pelicans on the shores of Lake Nakuru one morning shortly after sunrise. There was not a breath of wind which lead to a perfect mirror reflection on the water surface.”
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