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Spectral Beauty: Portraiture by Leslie Ann O’Dell

Leslie Ann O'Dell - Tame

Leslie Ann O’Dell is a self-taught contemporary artist from Denver, Colorado, who uses photography and digital manipulation to produce haunting portraits. Inspired by the “subconscious, empathy for the wrong, [and] people who dream,” her imagery is both delicate and disturbing. Sensual bodies explode into floral arrangements resembling viscera and dripping blood, summoning shadowy mythologies of vampires and lost souls. The human emotions they embody are deep and complex, such as sorrow, vulnerability, and the joy of transcended pain. Visit O’Dell’s Instagram and Facebook page to follow her work.

Leslie Ann O'Dell - Erosion

Leslie Ann O'Dell - Imposter

Leslie Ann O'Dell - Psyche

Leslie Ann O'Dell - Saint

Leslie Ann O'Dell - Widow

Photos © Leslie Ann O'Dell