Dreamlike Moments in Denise Kwong’s Creative Portraiture

Denise Kwong - forest lights

Magic and human vulnerability find a peaceful crossroads in the photography of Sydney-based Denise Kwong. “I first used people in my photos to give scale to a landscape shot. Then, progressively, they became more a subject in the shot,” she told the Phoblographer. Each subject is expressed in symbolic, conceptual ways, often using the immediate environment as as catalyst for inner truth. Whether it’s a light shining in the middle of a forest or a suitcase placed in an empty room, Kwong is extremely resourceful, making her portfolio diverse in its settings, but unified in a dreamlike exploration of subjectivity.

Denise Kwong - Hide and Peek Denise Kwong - Freedom Denise Kwong - hand in laundry machine
Denise Kwong - Untitled, man in bag Denise Kwong - man in tub Denise Kwong - morgue Denise Kwong - woman in bag paralyzed Denise Kwong - Stowaways Denise Kwong - Stowaway, arm
Images © Denise Kwong
Hayley Evans

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