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Italian studio Happycentro combines a wide range of disciplines for their commissioned print work, such as hand-made crafts, typography and graphic design, illustration, animation, film direction, and music. “We don’t like to do the same thing twice and prefer to go beyond what we are already able to do,” a statement from Happycentro. [1]

Hand-made lettering for an editorial in IL – Intelligence In Lifestyle magazine.
happycentro_05 happycentro_06
Paper typography for IL – Intelligence In Lifestyle magazine.
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Tatoo book
“Dexia” is a print campaign for Dexia Crediop bank.
happycentro_07 happycentro_08
Origami typography made for a group art and design show organized by Gallery Nucleus.
“Santoni – The Cycle” is a short film presented at the AMG Theater. Concept and creative direction by Felice Limosani, film direction by Federico Galvani, illustration and prop design by Andrea Manzati, Carlotta Perbellini, and Andrea Dona; animation by Federico Padovani, Federico Galvani, and Andrea Manzati; set design by Federico Padovani, Giulio Grigollo, Roberto Solieri, Carlotta Perbellini, and Andrea Dona; cinematography by Fedebarebone, video composing by Massimiliano Mazzi; production by Felice Limosani Studio; and music by Micah Dahl Anderson.
1. "About." Retrieved on September 11th, 2011.

Photos © Happycentro

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