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Tattoos: A Stroll in London

My favorite tattoo by Russian artist Pavel Roch is the one shown above. The scene looks almost like a watercolor with soft shading and white highlights. And I wonder how this will look on the client’s arm ten years from now. Another realistic tattooer worth viewing is Den Yakovlev.

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Polynesian and Escher Inspired Tattoos

Belgium artist Vincent Hocquet has an interesting tattoo technique that looks like pointillism and watercolor painting. His designs include three-dimensional and geometrical shapes, organic patterns, and optical illusions.

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Autumn Dancer Interview: Illustrative Magical Realism

A relative up-and-comer in the tattoo industry, Autumn Dancer has rapidly become an in-demand artist. Describing her style as a sort of “magical photorealism,” Dancer’s dark fantasy tattoos breath life into creatures that could not possibly exist in reality. While her professional time is dedicated to working on clients and attending conventions like the Van […]

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The Psychedelic Fantasies of Joanna Swirska

“My biggest muse is psychedelia,” Joanna Ĺšwirska tells me. “My visions inspire the work, a controlled mess of surrealism with a lot of bright colors… My dreams come true every day.” This petite Polish artist, tattooing as DĹĽo Lama, spends her time wandering the mountains, tumbling into wild trances. Fascinated with the unknown, hunting for an […]

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10 Best Art, Design and Video Submissions from Readers in 2015

With so many innovative creators in the world, it should come as no surprise the amount of fantastic submissions we received in 2015. Our community members have shared projects they’ve labored over and poured their hearts into. This year, the submissions were very diverse: tattoo art, spray painting, origami, short films, industrial design, and jewelry […]

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Top 10 Articles of 2014

At the start of 2014, we closed Scene 360 website to focus on Illusion online magazine. We welcomed new writers to the team, expanded our Tattoo section and opened new ones like Cinema and Erotic. Published longer articles and interviews. Focused on what you (the reader) are interested in, and wrote articles based on that. […]

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A Whirlwind of Color

Warning: Contains nudity. New York based artist Erik Jones combines two art styles in his paintings: photo-realism and abstractionism. He paints colorful shapes around and over the model’s face and body as if it were a helmet, or shield. Jones is able to achieve this layered look with the use of various materials such as […]

Art Best of 2014 Drawing Hyperreal Pencil Art Sketchbooks

A Clown and Eyeballs

Using Derwent watercolor pencils, Dino Tomic draws realistic portraits and anatomy studies filling almost completely each piece of paper. And although Tomic is being featured for his drawings, he is actually a tattooist and airbrush artist working in his own studio in Norway. He is definitely not a man of just one art medium, so it […]