Darkly Elegant Digital Skull Art by Billelis

Billelis - Blossom cover

Billelis is a Brighton-based 3D illustrator and art director. Peruse his portfolio and you will quickly see his fondness for skulls, depicted in a hyperrealist style described as a “dark-yet-elegant romantic fusion.” In the series “Blossom,” flowers erupt from bones, signifying the eternal dance of life and death; elsewhere, as in “Prototype,” his fascination for science fiction shines through, blending skeletons with neon-hued cyborg elements. In short, there is no end to his creativity when it comes to this morbid subject matter. Visit his Behance for a visual feast.

Billelis - Blossom 2

Billelis - Blossom 3

Billelis - Blossom ribcage

Billelis - Prototype

Billelis - Momento Mori

Billelis - Momento Mori 2

Billelis - skull mandala

Billelis - spine and flowers

Billelis - Morbid Attraction

Billelis - Sacrilege

Images © Billelis