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From Films to Books: Double-Exposure Illustrations by Levente SzabĂł

infamous bear in the revenant, double exposure image

In the last couple of years we have seen the rise of double-exposure effects used in photography in addition to tattoo art, poster design, title sequences for TV series… the list goes on. Even BAFTA is in on this; they commissioned Hungarian illustrator Levente SzabĂł to create five cover artworks depicting the nominees in “Best Film” category for their 2016 brochure. From the infamous bear in “The Revenant” to the 1960s political negotiator JB Donovan in “Bridge of Spies,” each movie character was digitally drawn in Photoshop to capture the superimposed look. Also within this visual style, SzabĂł has illustrated book covers for various authors.

jb donovan in "bridges of spies" - double exposure illustration- bafta

bridges of spy, close up

journalist in "Spotlight" - bafta brochure

child from "In spotlight" movie

2016 brochure, bafta, purple

main actress cate blanchett in carol movie, best film category

all cover artworks for 2016 bafta brochure

lord of the flies book cover, pig on cover, double exposure illustration

tiger on cover, double exposure, negative space art

All illustrations © Levente Szabó
Image 1 – 7, art direction by/© Human After All.