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black album cover, “Reflect“_Dynamic Dynamic brand identity by Afeef Zubaer
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From Chris Slabber’s ink-in-water portrait series to the illusional mirror cafe in Japan, we recently featured some of our favorite winning projects from last year’s A’ Design Awards and Competition, here.

A’ Design is preparing their new 2015-16 competition and you are invited to participate! With 100 categories to choose from (architecture, communication design, toys and games, film, digital art, mobile design…), it is easy to find the right category for you.

Entries will be reviewed by a 70-person international judging panel formed by university members, press, design professionals and entrepreneurs. There are five award levels: Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Iron, and they are all distributed annually in every design discipline.

Early Submissions Are Now Being Accepted!

"Bird" by David Keller, electronic music device
David Keller got inspiration from the movie “Minority Report” to create a wearable gesture recognition device.
 "Qbracelet" (USB) by James Kernan
Qbracelet” is a fashion accessory with a useful function: it is a phone charger.
print design, "Reflect"_Dynamic Dynamic brand identity by Afeef Zubaer
Tatoo book
Tatoo book
The flowing spirit of music and Rorschach blots are visually represented in this branding design by Afeef Zubaer.
paint splash album cover, We Set Sail by Chris Slabber
Chris Slabber creates an explosive album cover art inspired by the raw energy of the animal kingdom.
"Reaction" by Djinane Alsuwayeh, black and white photography, woman with calligraphy on body
Calligraphy and body art an interestingly combined in Djinane Alsuwayeh’s project, “Reaction Photography.”
"Centro Cultural Roberto Cantoral" by Gerardo Broissin, architectural lighting at night
Don’t we wish all cultural centers looked this good! Located in Mexico City, it was architecturally designed by Gerardo Broissin.
"Akuma" by Nina Athanasiou
A strange film (by Nina Athanasiou) about a demon coming to earth, hunting humans and transforming them into drawings.
A' Design logo

The winners will be announced on April 15, 2016 on this website.

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Images courtesy of A' Design Awards and Competition.

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