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Flexible Fork and Other Ultra-Modern Tableware by James Stoklund

flexible fork by james stoklund

Can you imagine a cognac glass that can Twerk? Yeah, you read accurately; from a drinking glass with cute buttocks to utensils with bite marks, designer James Stoklund has been creating interesting stainless steel, silicone, and glass items for you to use in the kitchen or during a dinner party.

flexible fork full shot by james stoklund

Top: “Fork,” a flexible fork that allows you to pick up food in a stylish and delicate manner.

all size fits all egg holder by james stoklund

all size fits all egg holder by james stoklund

“Pour Thing,” a silicone cup which is also a small milk jar.

shake that glass, a bum glass for whiskey by jams stoklund

“Shake That Glass,” for cognac and butt lovers. When swirling the glass, the bottom shape allows for more oxygen circulation.

candle holder by james stoklund

“Point of Light,” a candle balances on the tip of a stainless steel cone.

ucky luke utensil set, bitten off, by james stoklund

“Lucky Luke,” fun utensils inspired by the self-titled comics.

one size fits all egg holder by james stoklund

“Fresh Eggs,” a one-size-fits-all egg holder made with silicone and stainless steel.

All images and videos © James Stoklund.