A’ Design Awards: Early Call for Entries

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Calling all artists, designers and filmmakers to enter this year’s A’ Design Awards and Competition.

You can submit works within the field of photography, fashion, short film and animation, graphic design, digital art, architecture, product development and more (there are 100 categories to participate in).

View below 10 winning projects from 2012-13, which were reviewed during the contest by an international panel of judges. Now imagine that you win the award next year: it will help you stand out from the global crowd, get the credit you deserve for your hard work and a possible mention in online media like Designboom, Dezeen, Lovely Packages, Yanko Design, Colossal, and even us. You will also get your work printed in a hardcover yearbook, an invitation to join prime clubs like AIBA and IAD, receive a certificate of excellence and attend the award ceremony to pick up your beautiful trophy. Check out the full winner’s pack here.

Early submissions are being accepted till June 30, 2014. Get 25% off registration fee!


Meditation House House & Prayer Room by MZ Architect
Meditation House and Prayer Room” by MZ Architect.
"S. Joao Structure Installation" by FAHR 021.3.
S. Joao Structure Installation” by FAHR 021.3.
Silence,” an electric bicycle by Yi-Sin Huang.
Tatoo book
Tatoo book
"Icicle Chair" by Ali Alavi
Icicle Chair” by Ali Alavi.
Nankin Lab Corporate Design by Pau Garcia and Pol Trias
Nankin Lab Corporate Design” by Pau Garcia and Pol Trias.
Servvan Robotic vehicle by Dmitry Pogorelov
Servvan Robotic Vehicle” by Dmitry Pogorelov.
"Trish House Yalding Residential House" by Matthew Heywood.
Trish House Yalding Residential House” by Matthew Heywood.
Opx2 Optic Installation by Jonathon Anderson
Opx2 Optic Installation” by Jonathon Anderson.
"The Concrete Cities Coasters" by A Future Perfect.
The Concrete Cities Coasters” by A Future Perfect.
"Yi Pu Ti Logo" by Chao Yang.
Yi Pu Ti Logo” by Chao Yang.

We will be announcing the winners on April 15, 2015.

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Images courtesy of A' Design Awards and Competition

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