A’ Design Award Winners of 2011

Calendar by Katsumi Tamura
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Design Magazine hosts the annual A’ Design Award and Competition, an event highlighting the best projects in 40 categories ranging from product packaging to furniture. Call for submissions will soon be open, but in the meantime view a small selection of winners from 2011.

Top: Designer Katsumi Tamura has come up with a clever idea for a paper animal calender entitled “Safari.
Sunflower by Edita Barabas
Tatoo book
Tatoo book
Sunflower by Edita Barabas (2)
Sunflower” is solar powered lunchbox that combines both heating and cooling technologies in a portable appliance. It was developed by Edita Barabas.
"Monolith" (table clock) by Emre Bakir.
Monolith” is a table clock designed by Emre Bakir. It was envisioned to be a fine art piece.
"Get the Hang of It" (paper bag) by Aliki Rovithi (2) "Get the Hang of It" (paper bag) by Aliki Rovithi (1)
Get the Hang of It” is a paper bag with a incorporated hanger. It was conceived by Aliki Rovithi, who urges consumers to go green by not using plastic bags and hangers. And who doesn’t need an extra hanger?
Vertical Garden by Danielle Trofe
Live Screen” is a sculptural, self-sustaining vertical garden by Danielle Trofe.
Photos © respective designers
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