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The Magic Spill Tablecloth


“Underfall” is a tablecloth prototype envisioned by Kristine Bjaadal. Her concept is kind of like the invisible ink (lemon juice) magic trick. In this case, if you spill a glass of wine or juice over the table, the liquid will be absorbed into the butterfly pattern of the cloth.

Notes about the product (published on designer’s website):

At first glance the tablecloth appears to be a traditional white floral damask, but it contains the most wonderful secret; a hidden pattern that first shows when wet. Sooner or later someone is bound to spill, but where this person usually feels clumsy and embarrassed, he will now feel fortunate. An everyday negative situation is turned into a positive experience.

Some stains, like red wine, are hard to clean and might leave vague colour traces after washing. But since these traces will be formed as figures, the tablecloth will not look stained. The figures will form a pale, shadowy pattern that will grow as the tablecloth is being used and spilled on over time.



Photos © Kristine Bjaadal

Link via Dornob