Beautiful Stone Circles


Stone Fields” is fractal art series by Giuseppe Randazzo. Although the images are computer generated, the stones look realistic and natural.

Notes about “Stone Fields” (published at novastructura):

This project has started from a search for a 3d-objects optimal packing algorithm over a surface, but evolved in something rather different. I love the work by Richard Long, the way he fills lonely landscapes with arcaic stones patterns. My version is a poor and lazy version of that eroic approach.. The virtual stones created by several fractal subdivision strategies, find their proper position within the circle, with a trial and error hierarchical algorythm. A mix of attractors and scalar fields (some with Perlin noise) drives the density and size of the stones. The code is a C++ console application that outputs a OBJ 3d file.

stone_fields_07 stone_fields_04 stone_fields_03 stone_fields_06
Images © Giuseppe Randazzo

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July 1, 2011 3D Design Digital