A Garden Can Grow Inside Your Furniture

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Instead of having boring chairs and tables at home, why not get a FurniBloom? Bring green life to your furniture! This is a product design by landscape architect Dagny Bjarnadottir.

Official notes about “FurniBloom”:

The design was first shown in 2007 at the Magma Kvika Design Exhibition in Reykjavik.

The product is made of 1 cm thick plexiglass (acrylic glazing) and is glued together on the corners. The table plate has various positions based on utility and it can be kept either open or closed. Ventilation holes on all sides enable the plants to breath and grow.

The prototype has been stored outdoors since 2007 and despite the harsh weather conditions in Iceland; the product has kept its shine and glossy outlook.

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With a local producer we have now produced a new version of the chair which can be put together without glue. The product can now be packed into a flat package, which simplifies transport and sales process.

A new line of pots with the same look for sprouts, herbs and flowers is in production, and will soon be published on the website.

furnibloom_01 furnibloom_02 furnibloom_05
Photos © FurniBloom 

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