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It is like riding a Hang-Glider on the Ground


StreetFlyer” is a sports vehicle that will give you the sensation of flying while still on the ground. Although the idea is promising, in my opinion, the vehicle doesn’t look that functional from an athlete’s standpoint. It obligates the user to bend his/her knees to a point that isn’t comfortable to run. However, based on the videos at “StreetFlyer” website, it may be a fun contraption for downhill riding.

Notes about the “StreetFlyers” (from official website):

[…] The StreetFlyer provides its user with the sense of flying just about three feet off the ground and without the dangers associated with hang-or paragliding, for example.

Its creator Dr. Carsten Mehring after developing the Exoride foldable urban one-man transporter (though of as a competitor to the Segway) envisions various design concepts for the StreetFlyer. A human-powered light-weight carbon-fiber vehicle allowing its user to transition from running (while positioned in the frame-like wheeled structure) into a horizontal hang-gliding type position facilitated by body-harness attached to the structure. Similar to the Exoride concept, the vehicle frame is retractable, collapsible ones the users back and can be telescoped out or deployed before transitioning from running to flying.




Photos © StreetFlyer

Link via Bit Rebels