Art Body Art Weird

The Freaky Eye!

This eye is creepy! Self-taught makeup artist Sandra Hombom has painted it (the green eyeball with lashes) on her lips, and she has a video within post to show you how it was done.

Art Painting Weird

Going Nuts with a Migraine

These are the bizarre watercolor paintings of Gel Jamlang. Most of her images have intertwined elements, and it is interesting to see the details.

Art Black & White Drawing Weird

Eye of the Beholder

The image above has a wicked visual effect. It is one of the many bizarre pencil drawings of Palmer0047.

Art Photography Weird

The Human Hair Rainbow

You are probably thinking: “What is this?” Well, it is the unusual art of Alex Kisilevich. The artist tries to be somewhat spontaneous by not planning out every single detail of his work. Kisilevich clearly stages people and props, and then photographs and digital prints the images to show in galleries.

Art Hyperreal Sculpture Weird

Flying Hands

For his bizarre yet realistic sculptures, Choi Xoo Ang uses materials such as oil paint, acrylic, resin, and stainless steel. Warning: Contains nudity.

3D Advertising Sports Spray Paint Weird

Bowling with Zombie Heads

These creepy bowling balls are part of an advertising campaign for 13th Street (a murder mystery television channel). The art direction was done by RUOK and spray painting art by Oliver Paass.

Animals Art Photography Portraits Weird

Wacky Pictures of Pets

Photography by Carli Davidson.

Automobiles Recycled Weird

Crazy, Cool “Camera Van”

The “Camera Van” was created by Harrod Blank. The cameras on the van actually take pictures.

Art Best of 2010 Mirrors Recycled Weird

The Mysterious “Mirror Man” appears in L.A.

When I first looked at the photos of “mirror man,” I thought it was a sculpture. But photographer SilverSky took these pictures and commented: “I was in LA and this guy shows up in a suit from head to toe made of glass. I thought it was pretty cool.” So now it is clear, that […]