Art Painting Performance Special Feature Therapeutic Video

Disability Artists Fostering Narratives of Acceptance & Adaptation

All around the world, artists with physical and developmental disabilities are using their art practices to share their experiences and produce raw and exciting new narratives of acceptance and adaptation. Throughout the history of art, however, disability has not always been represented favorably or ethically. As Claire Cunningham—a choreographer and dancer who was born with […]

Art Experimental Mixed Media Video Weird

Shai Langen Redefines the Human Form

Combining material design and photography with human models, Shai Langan creates otherworldly images that shift our visual perspective. He experiments with such materials as wallpaper paste mixed with acrylic paint, liquid latex with calcium nitrate, and fermented dough. “By using photography or film,” he says, “I animate material, which interacts with the human body to […]

3D Abstract Digital Futuristic Geometric Motion Video

Dark Matter: The Experimental Motion Graphics of Joe Street

There are days that you need to sit back, relax, and look at something soothing. But no sunsets or ocean views, we need to get a bit dark and unusual than that; like blobby molecules moving around in space and a bunch of cool explosions (indeed breaking stuff can be a form of therapy). We […]

Art Best of 2015 Video

10 Best Art, Design and Video Submissions from Readers in 2015

With so many innovative creators in the world, it should come as no surprise the amount of fantastic submissions we received in 2015. Our community members have shared projects they’ve labored over and poured their hearts into. This year, the submissions were very diverse: tattoo art, spray painting, origami, short films, industrial design, and jewelry […]

Gaming Sponsored Technology Video

UltraWide Festival 2015: Become the Next Big YouTube Star

Do you want to be the next vlogging star on Youtube? UltraWide Festival have joined forces with LG and three of Youtube’s biggest Tech vloggers (let’s call them “techperts”) to launch a competition at Whether you aspire to become a digital video artist, or you’re an avid online gamer, or dream of launching your […]

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Show Off Your Filmmaking Skills in the AT&T “Real Stories” Competition

“Real Stories” are compelling stories about business owners documented through video. Do you know a small business with a captivating story? Film them, and you could win big in AT&T’s contest. Through two-minute videos, capture authentic stories from entrepreneurs who are passionate about what they do and explore how technology helps them grow and succeed […]

3D Ads Off Animation Art Motion Nude Video Water

The Work of Jeff Robb, the Three-Dimensional Artist

Note: Contains nudity. Jeff Robb’s 3D art allows us to reminisce those days as a child in a swimming pool, submerged in water and appreciating the beauty of silence. His nude models slowly move back and forth like graceful ballet dancers. They are gorgeous and part of his continuous study of the human body and […]

Movies Sponsored Technology Video

The “Invisible Man” by Vine Star Zack King and Sony Action Cam

Recently there was news that Sony is doing a remake of “The Invisible Man” based on H.G. Wells’ science fiction novel. Until that film gets released, let’s view another “Invisible Man” directed by Vine star Zach King and his team using Sony’s new Action Cam. King is famous for his addictive 6-second videos of magic […]

Animation Digital Futuristic Sci-Fi Surreal Video

The 80s Rule: Animated GIFs by Kidmograph

Although he calls himself the “90s Kid,” he clearly got influenced from the 80s too. Sci-fi, cyberspace and tons of neon parade his animated GIFs and video work. Kidmograph (Gustavo Torres) effortlessly creates futuristic worlds that resemble many 80s sci-fi and fantasy-themed album covers and movies like the original “Tron” and “Blade Runner.” Images © […]

Animation Movies Sponsored Technology Video

Sony Launches “Never Before Seen” to Promote New Action Cam

Inspired by the words “Never Before Seen,” Sony has launched an exciting campaign in connection with filmmakers and artists to create a series of movies using their new Action Cam. There will be 20 films in total, and to start off they’ve released three. The first one is “The Picture Machine” by Studio Nos who […]