Landscape Video

Under the Milky Way

“The Mountain” is a beautiful time-lapse of landscape and sky at Mount Teide (the highest elevation in Spain). The footage was taken by Terje Sorgjerd, and the location is considered one of the best places in the world to photograph stars.


Is the World full of Deep Symmetries?

“Symmetry” is a brilliant film showing similar and opposite connections of daily life—e.g. policeman and robber, salt and pepper, light and day, and more.  It was created by Everynone in collaboration with Radiolab.

Art Cutouts Paper Art Stop Motion Video

Layers of Paper Create Animations

This is stop-motion music video for Ana Dess’ new single “Elle, demeure.” It was directed by Helene Ducrocq from collectif_KaAM; and the animations were made from 1600 paper sheet cutouts.

Art Drawing Music Stop Motion Video

What a Wonderful World

A stop-motion video animated and directed by Dan Berglund. The storyline is inspired by “What a Wonderful World” sung by Louis Armstrong; and the illustrations are drawn with marker on glass.

Light Motion Video

Innovative Light Dancing

Engineer and b-boy Minoru Fujimoto has developed “Lighting Choreographer,” a technology that enhances the natural expression of the human body through use of light.

Advertising Animals Recycled Skulls Special Effects Uncategorized Video Water

Amazing Water Drawings with Ink

To mark “World Water Day” (March 22nd), Solidarites International has launched an ad campaign to raise awareness about contaminated water that kills so many people in the world. It is a video developed by agency BDDP Unlimited, produced by Hush, and directed by Clement Beauvais.

Advertising Animals Cutouts Paper Art Stop Motion Video

Stop-Motion Ad with Paper Cutouts and Folds

“Star Alliance” is film directed, designed and animated by Andersen M Studio.

Best of 2011 Illusion Magic Video

Where’s the Ball?

This video is a treat to watch, and it does have tricks. It was directed by Weareom and produced by Studioset.

Animation Bicycle Motion Video

Bicycle Wheel Animations

“The Cyclotrope” is a device recently built and animated by Tim Wheatley. It was inspired by early inventions for displaying motion pictures such as the Zoetrope and Praxinoscope.

Paper Art Recycled Stop Motion Video

Sticking Notes Travel the World!

“Sticking Close to You” is a fun stop-motion video directed by Bang-Yao Liu, photographed by Wei-Chieh Tseng, and music by Fran Chen. The amazing part about this movie is that it was shot in 11 cities around the world, and the sticky notes were placed on location.