Art Painting Recycled

Paintings Best Viewed with a Magnify Glass

Artist Yuri Zupancic paints in oil or acrylic on microchips with dimensions ranging from 0.5 to 1 inch (also: 1.3 to 2.5 centimeters).

Advertising Animals Posters Recycled

Is Your Dog a Vegetarian?

This is an advertising campaign for SM Store to promote their new line of vegetarian dog food. The posters were designed by Out of the Box.

Art Music Portraits Recycled

5,000 Guitar Picks form Jimi Hendrix’s Face

This Jimi Hendrix mosaic was created by artist Ed Chapman. Last month, it was auctioned (sold for £23,000) at the Cancer Research UK’s Sound & Vision event at Abbey Road Studios.

Automobiles Recycled Weird

Crazy, Cool “Camera Van”

The “Camera Van” was created by Harrod Blank. The cameras on the van actually take pictures.

Art Best of 2011 Photography Recycled

Is this a New Planet?

The answer to the title is NO. These images are from a project entitled “Devour” by Christopher Jonassen, which displays pictures of the bottom of worn-out frying pans. 

Paper Art Recycled Stop Motion Video

Sticking Notes Travel the World!

“Sticking Close to You” is a fun stop-motion video directed by Bang-Yao Liu, photographed by Wei-Chieh Tseng, and music by Fran Chen. The amazing part about this movie is that it was shot in 11 cities around the world, and the sticky notes were placed on location.

Art Photography Recycled

Motion Stills

Artist Todd Mclellan dismantles diverse objects such as old typewriters, radios, cameras and more. He then intricately composes the loose pieces on a board to create these artistic, movement-like images.

Advertising Design Portraits Posters Recycled

Inspirational Smiles

An advertising campaign that uses Happydent chiclets to form portraits of Gandhi, Mother Teresa and Mandela.  The posters were designed by McCann Erickson (India).

Art City Color Recycled

The “Plastic City” of Shanghai

Artist Bang-yao Liu recreates the city of Shanghai from colorful plastic bins, cones and other items.

Art Best of 2010 Mirrors Recycled Weird

The Mysterious “Mirror Man” appears in L.A.

When I first looked at the photos of “mirror man,” I thought it was a sculpture. But photographer SilverSky took these pictures and commented: “I was in LA and this guy shows up in a suit from head to toe made of glass. I thought it was pretty cool.” So now it is clear, that […]