Art Metal Recycled Sculpture

Motorbikes made from Recyled Watch Parts

All sculptures by Dmitriy Khristenko (a.k.a. dkart71 at deviantART).

Art Design Food & Drinks Recycled Typography

Bite Me Typography

Finally, new experimental projects by Anna Garforth! She’s known for her creation of “Moss Graffiti.” Garforth has now plunged herself into exploring completely different materials to make typefaces, such as cooking biscuits, composing dried flowers, and sticking tape on a fence. Impressive work!

Art Best of 2011 Classic Landscape Recycled

8,000 Beer Bottle Caps form “Starry Night”

I have barely any information about this art piece, with the exception of a few notes by The Awesomer: “We can’t imagine how much “research” went into UVA students Ross Thomas and Elizabeth Farrell 8000 piece, 7′ x 9′ beer bottle cap rendition of Van Gogh’s Starry Night.”

Art Illustration Metal Recycled Sculpture

The Nail Art of Marcus Levine

Note: Contains nudity. Artist Marcus Levine can take three days to two months to make a nail art composition. The number of nails used will vary from 15,000 to his largest sculpture with 52,000. And an interesting fact is that Levine hammers directly the metal-heads into a composite wood board without following a draft. Notes […]

3D Art Recycled Sculpture Skulls

Vinyl Record Sculptures by Angelo Bramanti

  “L017” is a collaborative project by Angelo Bramanti (founder of art blog, Acidolatte) and Giuseppe Siracusa. Some of their work includes faces and skulls coming to life from recycled records, and Plexiglas.

Art Books Recycled Sculpture

Ancient Stone Figures Made from Phone Books

Artist Long-Bin Chen makes amazing replicas of human monuments.

Art Black & White Portraits Recycled

Film Reel Portrait of Marilyn Monroe

The fabulous and latest artwork of Erika Iris Simmons (a.k.a. Iri5). View more images at Flickr.

Art Landscape Portraits Recycled

The Chinese Girl made from Stamps

Artist Peter R. Mason (a.k.a. the Post Pop Art Man) recycles postage stamps to create replica paintings, landscapes, and portraits.

Advertising Animals Recycled Skulls Special Effects Uncategorized Video Water

Amazing Water Drawings with Ink

To mark “World Water Day” (March 22nd), Solidarites International has launched an ad campaign to raise awareness about contaminated water that kills so many people in the world. It is a video developed by agency BDDP Unlimited, produced by Hush, and directed by Clement Beauvais.

Art Inventions Light Recycled Sculpture

Stay “Still”

This complex contraption spells the word “Still” from light hitting magnify glasses to a wall. It was made by Ian Burns, and has been on display at The Armory Show 2011.