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Ceramics at the Intersection of Toys and Sculpture by Luciano Polverigiani

Artist Luciano Polverigiani crafts colorful characters that are at the intersection between toy and sculpture. The quirky figurines don exaggerated features that are appealing to kids but carry adult themes—such as the creature with a large spiky tail that it carries like an albatross. To produce these earthy-colored sculptures, he uses a variety of clay […]

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Hidden Hearts: Creepy Hollowed-Out Dolls by Mari Shimizu

Mari Shimizu is an artist from Amakusa in Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan, who creates hollowed-out ball-joint dolls. Each doll is unique in that the contents of their eviscerated torsos reveal different elements of horror and fantasy. In a statement provided to Illusion, Shimizu explains how “We hide our hearts from our families and friends in order […]

Art Crafts Embroidery Tattoo Toys and Games

Twist My Moustache

I absolutely love these vintage-inspired tattooed dolls! Artist Mimi Kirchner makes one-of-kind figures from cotton toile and polyester, in addition she hand stitches details into each face and body. Her dolls are sold at craft markets and online at Etsy.

Art Hyperreal Painting Toys and Games

Memories of Childhood

Cesar Santander‘s meticulous paintings revolve around themes such as vintage toys, old tin cans, objects from his childhood, and more.

Art Painting Toys and Games

The Big Lebowski Matryoshka Dolls

“Nesting Dolls” is an artistic series by Ginger Williams.

3D Art Paper Art Sculpture Toys and Games

Giant Paper Robot

If you are familiar with the “Paper crafted Audi A7,” you will probably enjoy Taras Lesko’s latest project “7FT Gundam.” He made this robot during a 4 month time period, and it includes 1250 paper parts.

Art Celebrities Sculpture Toys and Games

Famous Ponies

Finnish artist Mari Kasurinen customizes “My Little Pony” figures into fictional and real pop culture icons such as Batman and Robin, Storm Trooper, Lady Gaga, Elvis Presley, among others. Each remodeled toy is now considered to a “sculpture” that requires hair styling, custom clothes, body and face painting, and more.

Art Portraits Recycled Toys and Games

Rubik Pop Art

Cube Works Studio uses Rubik’s cubes to recreate images of famous paintings and celebrity portraits.