Art Best of 2012 Black & White Body Art Illustration Tattoo

Tattoo Art: Classics Never Die

If I were getting a tattoo, I would probably choose artist Jun Cha to ink it. His work is technically phenomenal, and because he essentially does grey scale imagery, it adds a timeless yet three-dimensional feel to the art.

Art Body Art Hyperreal Tattoo

Blood and Death. Villains and King Leonidas

Bob Tyrrell only began tattooing in his 30s. Today, he is highly recognized in the industry as a specialist in horror theme, and black and grey tattoos.

Art Best of 2012 Body Art Hyperreal Illustration Tattoo

Amazing Illustrations on Skin

Specializing in realistic tattoos, Den Yakovlev has inked a wide variety of themes from underwater scenes to portraits of famous film directors.

Art Best of 2012 Black & White Body Art Hyperreal Tattoo

Big Tat on his Back

Although, I do not have any tattoos due to ink allergies, I have always been an admirer of this art technique. You have to be a very talented artist to be able to draw realistic images on skin (especially because skin textures are so varied). A good example is the dark-style tattoos of Victor Portugal.

Art Drawing Illustration Tattoo Video

The Making of a Tattoo Flash

Aside from all the drinking, it is pretty interesting to see tattooist David Tevenal draw and color by hand.

Art Body Art Hyperreal Portraits Tattoo

Realistic Tattoos

The amazing skin art of Mike DeVries. He is considered one of the best tattooists in the world.