Animals Art Body Art Illustration Tattoo

The Bull’s Cry

The tattoo art of Mitch Allenden.

Fashion Tattoo Video

Embrace Everything That Is Different

Avant/Garde Diaries has released a short yet insightful interview with Rick Genest (a.k.a. Zombie Boy), a Canadian model who is known for his eccentric full-body corpse tattoo. The film’s cinematography is beautifully done by Nadine Elfenbein. See also: “The Confident ‘Zombie Boy.’”

Art Fashion Painting Tattoo

Ellen Green’s “Tattooed” Vintage Gloves

These vintage gloves are part of Ellen Greene’s work “Ballad of the Tattooed Lady,” which was created using acrylic paint and ink on leather. “Though we are tempted to wear them, the gloves are not wearable. They represent the idea of second skin and hint at a past wearer. They are to be collected,” [1] […]

Art Body Art Drawing Painting Tattoo


This post includes a selection of drawings, a painting, and tattoos by Carlos Torres.

Art Body Art Tattoo

Crow and Skull

A selection of tattoo designs from studio RedLetter1, by artists Phil Holt, Jeff Srsic, and Chris Reed. Warning: Contains nudity.

Art Body Art Tattoo

My Love for Tattooing

South Korean Khan has his own tattoo studio in Japan. Although, Khan had adaptation issues for being a foreigner who was inking traditional Japanese tats; he states that his job is the best in the world and he doesn’t have regrets for moving to Japan.

Art Body Art Hyperreal Tattoo

The Crow Tattoo

The tattoo art of Alex de Pase.

Art Body Art Portraits Tattoo

The Engineer Leaves it All to Become a Tattoo Artist

For many years, David Corden worked as ventilation engineer, and only in 2006 did he begin tattooing under the apprenticeship of Jim Gambell from Ritual Art Tattoo. Currently a full-time artist at Gambell’s studio, Corden is recognized for his ink art of pin-ups, portraits, and wildlife.

Art Body Art Color Comics and Cartoons Tattoo

Smokin’ Cat on Back

Genko‘s tattoos have various influences from traditional Asian art to cartoons and old school designs. Warning: Contains nudity.

Art Body Art Geometric Illusion Tattoo

Polynesian and Escher Inspired Tattoos

Belgium artist Vincent Hocquet has an interesting tattoo technique that looks like pointillism and watercolor painting. His designs include three-dimensional and geometrical shapes, organic patterns, and optical illusions.