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Art You Could Almost Eat by Remo “Wes21” Lienhard

Sink your teeth into this collection of art by Remo “Wes21” Lienhard. The Swiss artist has cooked up a storm of street art, canvas paintings, digital art and even sculpture as part of his creative exploration into our dietary delights. His use of highly saturated colors has become a recognizable feature of his art and […]

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Odeith is Back with More Jaw-Dropping Anamorphic Graffiti

Odeith is one of the best 3D graffitists in the world. It takes skills and commitment—like 30 years of spray painting to get this good. This artist originally from Portugal is improving his perspective illusion techniques on each wall he fills. Focused on making us all remember his name, like Eminem did in a song; […]

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James Bullough’s Fractured Paintings in Motion

Note: Contains nudity. Not content with limiting his painting skill to canvas alone, Berlin-based artist James Bullough put down his oil paints in favor of spray cans and rollers. His urban art is a throwback to a childhood formed by the infamous graffiti culture of Washington DC in the 1990s. Slicing his subjects and shifting […]

Art City Graffiti Murals Outdoors Painting Street Art

Powerful Street Art from Fintan Magee

Fintan Magee’s impact on the global street art community is showing no signs of slowing, with the Australian artist recently completing stunning murals in countries as far afield as Mexico, Germany, New Zealand and Ukraine. Inspired by children’s picture books, Fintan draws on the colors found in the surrounding locations to create his evocative art. […]

Art Classic Graffiti Street Art

Hail Mary: Street Artist Transforms Derelict Buildings

Ted Pim is a street artist from Northern Ireland who has taken a space not usually associated with the grand old masters of European painting (run down buildings and warehouses) and planted them in heart of it all, adding his own spin to proceedings. Out of the shadows of these dark and dreary places, he […]

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Ella and Pitr’s Graffiti of Giant Humans Sleeping on Rooftops

Known as “Les Papiers Peintres” (Paper Painters), Ella and Pitr from France seem like they’ve partnered with a higher entity to illustrate these massive characters on top of buildings. The artists have been busy painting rooftops in their home country as well as in Portugal, Italy and Canada. They often use a gallon sprayer for […]

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3D Insects and Giant Birds: The Graffiti Art of Mantra

“Graffiti is my background, my family, my culture,” states Mantra, a French graffiti writer who travels across Europe spray-painting creatures of the earth on walls. “I’m sensitive to nature, all little whispers and cries you can find in it. Colors, mimetism, complexity, the phenomenal capacities of adaption, evolution and the fascinating impartiality are all just […]

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Giant Octopus: Anamorphic Graffiti by Truly Design

At the SAMO space for contemporary art in Italy, the inventive art collective Truly Design have transformed a simple concrete hanger into a B-Movie set, as a giant jungle green coloured octopus spreads it eight tentacles over pillars and the ceiling. They use the space provided to them in ingenious ways, as the dips and […]

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Natalia Rak’s New Graffiti Piece for Pow! Wow! Hawaii

An admirer of Fauvism, Natalia Rak also uses bold colors in her traditional paintings and murals. Sunset red, magenta and various tonalities of purple are blended soothingly, and her use of fluorescent spray paints create an illuminated effect in each composition. Her latest art piece, “Predators” (shown above), was beautifully painted on a wall for Pow! Wow! […]

Art Classic Graffiti Street Art

Pichi&Avo: Graffiti Art x Greek Mythology

Classical art lives on, even in graffiti. That might be a bit of a surprise, but characters from Greek Mythology are softly shaded with spray paints and traditional tagging added here and there to compose various murals. It’s all brilliantly done by Pichi&Avo, the duo from Spain who met in 2007 and since then became […]