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Beware of Sharp Teeth!

Italian duo Caktus&Maria have certainly perfected the shading and color selection for their murals. Their spray-painted portraits are generally tribute art—e.g. at top an acknowledgement to poet Charles Bukowski, and the last one within post of/for cartoonist Jean Giraud.

Art Graffiti Shadow Art Spray Paint Stencils Street Art

Superpowers: Walking on Walls

Using multiple stencils and spray paint, Norwegian artist STROK has made these realistic looking people on walls. They are not relatives of Peter Parker, but they are strategically placed to create the illusion that they are walking on buildings. STROK has also painted individuals on other surfaces such as wood, metal, glass, and more. See […]

Art Graffiti Mixed Media Spray Paint Street Art

The Melting Kiss

Italy artist Awer started doing graffiti when he was fourteen—he has continued to spray paint outdoor walls, but has also worked on other surfaces from wood to metal. He mentions inventing “hypnotic creatures,” which definitely include the animals, however, quite possibly some of the weird people too. Awer’s goal is to distract spectators by allowing […]

Art Character Design Graffiti Murals Spray Paint Street Art

Galloping into the Sunset

Pantonio’s graffiti art is identified for its black-spray-painted characters with expressive white highlights that look like horse hair and muscle tissue. See also: “Big Foot and Friends” and “Every Man Dies—Not Every Man Lives.”

Art Graffiti Murals Painting Spray Paint Street Art

A Visual Message From Braz Street Artist

I really like the swish and splash art style of L7M. This Sao Paulo based graffitist has been spray painting walls in abandoned places, i.e. spaces where he can isolate himself from the outside world. His portraits relate to the idea that people are blinded by daily life distractions such as mass media, consumerism, politics, and […]

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Wired Animals

A year has gone by since I last looked at DALeast’s street art. His “creatures” as he calls it, are becoming more three-dimensional as he improves his shading technique. And the artist has had the opportunity to paint these “wired” animals on building walls in England, United States, South Africa, France, and Switzerland.

Art Graffiti Murals Painting Spray Paint

Fine (Graffiti) Art

My first glimpse of Case (Maclaim)’s art was viewing online pictures of his graffiti. And in the mix, I saw some images with splendid spray paintings on canvases, like the girl with a gold horse and the carnival adolescents within post, which are part of a solo show titled “Mayfair Lady.” Now a days, it […]

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Painting the Walls of Rio and Beyond

His graf name is “Noe Two,” and it is inspired by Noah’s Ark. Indeed, he paints portraits of animals, but also many with people from different cultures. This Parisian street artist composes murals based on a set of shapes, curves, and colors. See also: “Chalk Street Art.”

Art Graffiti Murals Portraits Spray Paint Stencils Street Art

Graffiti: It is Time For Change

Looking at C215’s spray paint portraits from a few years ago, it is noticeable an evolution in terms of line detail and coloring. And this just means that his stencil cutouts are much more complex. Additionally, it is intriguing that the artist shows his face in some pictures at Flickr, because most graffitists avoid that […]

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Combining Art and Architecture

Atlanta based artist Hense is famous for his colorful and nonrepresentational mural installations in urban areas. With his small crew, and using acrylics, enamels and spray paints, he has graffitied this old church.