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Moleskine and Hyperrealist Art

German concept artist Jana Schirmer is recognized mainly for her portraiture of friends, realistic looking still lifes, and fantasy worlds with seductive women. She opts to use a digital pen in Photoshop to create these visuals, however, on her free time she still grabs a pencil and pen to draw in sketchbooks.

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Nude Pencil Art and More

Note: Contains nudity. I’m fascinated by Miles Johnston’s sketchbook drawing entitled “Growth” (shown below), an elegant study of the nude body and such a balanced and rhythmic composition. The artist uses a mechanical pencil and stump, and often works on A4 paper sheets. More of his art can be viewed here. Images © Miles Johnston

Animals Black & White Drawing Sketchbooks

The Doodle Animal Kingdom

Kerby Rosanes’ latest sketchbook drawing of an owl is fantastic! The composition is perfectly laid out on a double page spread, and I like the mix of a serious animal portrait with crazy skulls and creatures. You can view more of his work, here.

Art Black & White Drawing Sketchbooks

Drawing Intoxication

I like it when an artist draws fully on the double-page spread of a sketchbook, i.e. the case for Brendan Mcloughlin whose caricature-styled portraits are made with graphite pencils, and third image down with a ballpoint pen.

Architecture Art Black & White Drawing Sketchbooks

Architectural Studies

Chema Pastrana made these beautiful drawings during one of his architectural classes in a Spanish university. He mentions that his teacher Mr. Joaquin Lorda was an outstanding instructor, who explained all aspects of classical buildings and traditional construction.

3D Art Drawing Sketchbooks

Broken TV Set, Mars Attack, and More

In May, I featured Pez’s 3D sketchbook art, and the response to his work has been exceptional. His drawings were viewed by over 250,000 readers and received 700 appreciations. This French artist has literally “kept it going” by making new artwork almost every week. Please take a look at his most recent examples, here.

Art Black & White Drawing Sketchbooks

The Filipino Doodler

Kerby Rosanes works as a SEO specialist and graphic designer, and on his free time he doodles. His pen art is elaborate with crazy characters overlapping one another to form the body of a bird, wolf, and other animals and things. Although drawing has only been a hobby, Rosanes has received commission requests and now […]

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Painting with Pencils

Illustrator Ryan Humphrey calls his expressive coloring style, “Painting with Pencils.” The majority of his work consists of Moleskine drawings of human figures based “from vast amount of second hand imagery. After I select images from different locations and eras, I go about ‘forming’ my own scenario, which is an alchemical and tentative process,” [1] […]

3D Anamorphic Art Black & White Drawing Illusion Sketchbooks

Incredible Anamorphic Art

A few years ago, I had featured Fredo’s “Amazing 3D Drawings” and the post received over 1 million views.  The artist has not worked on many sketchbook pages since then, but there are a few recent ones that stand out. An example is the image at top titled “Inc.,” which is a complex and jaw-dropping […]

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Film-like Moleskine Art

Some of Mateusz Urbanowicz’s sketchbook pages look like scenes from comic books. There is also a cinematic quality, as if the animations were stopped at specific frames. Although these images are not particularly Asian-inspired, there are many in his portfolio that connect to his passion for Japanese culture and graphics. Urbanowicz is currently studying at […]