3D Art Lego Recycled Sculpture

Amazing LEGO Art

I featured the LEGO art of Nathan Sawaya a few years ago. As time has past, he has launched new sculptures on his website, and some have been selected and posted here.

Art Metal Recycled Sculpture

Motorbikes made from Recyled Watch Parts

All sculptures by Dmitriy Khristenko (a.k.a. dkart71 at deviantART).

3D Art Classic Sculpture

Destruction and Hope

The elaborate mixed-media sculptures of Kris Kuksi. His work reflects today’s world where “(…) mankind is oftentimes frivolous and fragile, being driven primarily by greed and materialism. He hopes that his art exposes the fallacies of Man, unveiling a new level of awareness to the viewer.” [1] Warning: This post may contain images with nudity. […]

Art Best of 2011 Macro Sculpture

Household Objects Largely Resized

“Macro” is a sculpture series by Romulo Celdran.

3D Art Painting Sculpture

3D Art Related with the Devastations of War

Gerry Judah‘s paintings “are a direct response to conflict across the globe, and the impact of that violence, whether it is the consequence of war or natural disaster.” [1] He’s also interested in altering urban landscape and exploring the dynamic of construction and destruction.

Art Illustration Metal Recycled Sculpture

The Nail Art of Marcus Levine

Note: Contains nudity. Artist Marcus Levine can take three days to two months to make a nail art composition. The number of nails used will vary from 15,000 to his largest sculpture with 52,000. And an interesting fact is that Levine hammers directly the metal-heads into a composite wood board without following a draft. Notes […]

3D Art Recycled Sculpture Skulls

Vinyl Record Sculptures by Angelo Bramanti

  “L017” is a collaborative project by Angelo Bramanti (founder of art blog, Acidolatte) and Giuseppe Siracusa. Some of their work includes faces and skulls coming to life from recycled records, and Plexiglas.

Art Books Recycled Sculpture

Ancient Stone Figures Made from Phone Books

Artist Long-Bin Chen makes amazing replicas of human monuments.

3D Animals Art Paper Art Sculpture

3D Animals Crafted with Archival Cotton Paper

Sculptor Ann-Wili Highfield works with diverse materials such as ink, watercolours, archival cotton paper, cotton thread, copper pipe, timber block, and more.

Art Books Installations Sculpture

I’m Shelved in Books

The wacky art creations of Eva Kotatkova.