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10 Movies You Should Check Out in 2014

The beginning of the year marks a fresh page of excitement for film fans. We hold “great expectations.” The big question on everybody’s lips is this: “Will 2014 be as good as 2013?” There was something about the previous year—and many of the films released—that had audience and critics agreeing that it was a very […]

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Visually Stunning Sci-Fi and Fantasy Films

Sci-Fi and Fantasy are great film genres for experimentation, especially when it comes to new frontiers for visual effects and cinematography. From classics of these styles to recent releases, I’ve delved in head first to find you a top notch list of the most visually stunning movies. Top: High octane space thrills in “Gravity” (2013). […]

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The Best Star Wars Movie Up-to-Date!

It is official: Star Wars is back! Disney buying out Lucasfilm was an event nobody saw coming—not industry wags or obsessive bloggers. The Mouse House has purchased Marvel and Pixar in recent times, but snapping up the Star Wars trademark and rights is a truly extraordinary happening. With the promise of a new trilogy just […]