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Disfigured Flesh: The Morbid Creations of Sarah Sitkin

Note: Contains images that may be considered graphic and disturbing to some readers. Sarah Sitkin is a Los Angeles-based artist who creates sculptural works of mutated body parts that have taken on a disturbing life of their own. Pieces of flesh and bone are mashed together like horrific monuments, oozing and growing hair. In other […]

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10 Expert Biomechanical Tattoo Artists

In the late 70s, Ridley Scott collaborated with Swiss artist H.R. Giger to design the creatures in his internationally acclaimed sci-fi horror film, “Alien.” Giger’s art became so popular that it inspired generations of artists, and impacted a surrealistic style of tattoo art. Fusing machines with living organisms, biomechanical tattoos have developed over the decades, […]

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The Haunting, Futuristic Dreamscapes of Jie Ma

Jie Ma is a Shanghai-based digital artist who produces atmospheric scenes of futuristic, dream-like worlds. In a beautiful collision of fantasy and science fiction imagery, slain astronauts ride home on horseback through the falling rain, and alien fortresses loom coldly under storm-bruised skies. Jie Ma’s epic visions stir the emotions, compounding genres and mythology to imaginatively […]

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Jeff Soto Paints a Nightmarish Vision

Jeff Soto is an American contemporary artist who has found success with his distinct paintings and graffiti works, ones that blend fantastical imagery with dark, neon colours. His works are fascinating for their sheer imagination and superb brushstroke, which draw you into a hair-raising world that you don’t want to leave. All photos © Jeff Soto […]

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The 80s Rule: Animated GIFs by Kidmograph

Although he calls himself the “90s Kid,” he clearly got influenced from the 80s too. Sci-fi, cyberspace and tons of neon parade his animated GIFs and video work. Kidmograph (Gustavo Torres) effortlessly creates futuristic worlds that resemble many 80s sci-fi and fantasy-themed album covers and movies like the original “Tron” and “Blade Runner.” Images © […]

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10 Movies You Should Watch in 2015

It’s that time of year, the beginning of a new one, where we take a close look at the movie calendar and pick out upcoming titles that have caught the eye. It feels like cinema is in very good health at the minute, with classic picture after classic picture being released. Is this a golden […]

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A Journey into Artur Sadlos’ Fantasy Lands

Transporting us instantly to far off places of our imagination, ones that are rooted in science fiction and fantasy, is the work of Polish concept artist Artur Sadlos. In his worlds, you’ll find lone warriors stalking post-apocalyptic landscapes and magic castles glowing like stars from afar. Go on and escape reality for a while. Images © […]

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10 Amazing Anime Films of 2014 and 2015

The Anime genre is beloved the world over for its distinct style of animation and its magical stories, rooted in science fiction and fantasy. There is a wealth of raw material to explore, from Manga to TV series and what we’re looking at in this article, the film adaptations. The titles selected here are all breathtaking works of […]

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15 Star Wars Themed Tattoos

There are Star Wars movies, comic books, video games, action figures… Lucas’s empire has been a phenomenon around the world for over 30 years. His futuristic stories and characters are truly inspiring and timeless, that Star Wars fans even go to lengths such as tattooing the concept art on their bodies. Top: Darth Maul by […]

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Awesome Robot Characters in Recent Movies

Ever since Fritz Lang’s sci-fi epic “Metropolis” (1927) gave the world Evil Maria, synthetic beings have reflected many of our fears and desires regarding the role of technology in society. From the malfunctioning computer system HAL 9000 in “2001: A Space Odyssey” (1968) to nerdy messenger C3PO (“Star Wars”), all the way to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s […]