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Handheld Inkjet Prints on Any Flat Surface

“Hold it in your hand and sweep back and forth just like a brush! It’s magic.” This is the slogan for the “PrintBrush 4X6,” a pocket-sized inkjet printer with a built-in digital camera. I’m curious to see how well this device prints on different surfaces, especially because it is inkjet. The “PrintBrush 4×6” shall be […]

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Whale Tissue Holder

Certainly, a clever design for a tissue holder! It is hand-painted and crafted in wood. The whale comes in various colors from aqua to white, and it is available for purchase at Etsy.

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A Garden Can Grow Inside Your Furniture

Instead of having boring chairs and tables at home, why not get a FurniBloom? Bring green life to your furniture! This is a product design by landscape architect Dagny Bjarnadottir.

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Tasty Candy Pens

“Edible Pen” is a product design by Dave Hakkens. Instead of chewing on a plastic pen, eat some candy!

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It is like riding a Hang-Glider on the Ground

“StreetFlyer” is a sports vehicle that will give you the sensation of flying while still on the ground. Although the idea is promising, in my opinion, the vehicle doesn’t look that functional from an athlete’s standpoint. It obligates the user to bend his/her knees to a point that isn’t comfortable to run. However, based on […]