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A Roundup of the Coolest 3D Printed Products from the A’ Design Awards

Fabulous high heels, an attachable bone healing stimulator, and a futuristic bow tie are just some of the brilliant designs from the past three seasons of the A’Design Awards and Competition. Creatives show off their ingenuity and ability to push the envelope in the rapidly advancing field of 3D printing. There are seemingly endless possibilities—designers […]

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Call for Entries Open for the 2017 A’ Design Awards

The fruity toilet paper rolls went viral worldwide and won an A’ Design Award! It may seem like a nutty idea, but designer Kazuaki Kawahara found a clever way to make these WC wrappers appealing and useful for Japanese companies who offer toilet rolls “to customers as a novelty gift to show their appreciation.” It is […]

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9 Illustrated Products That Delight and Surprise

Whenever we buy things, we’re making choices: about our mood, priorities, and how we want the outside world to see us. Illustrated products are a great way to express one’s unique voice. Here are 9 products that have elements of illusion and surprise to them. Their clever-yet-functional designs infuse playfulness into the everyday. The imagery and […]

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Just Imagine a Pizza Box That Turns into a Film Projector

This is one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a while for packaging design and brand advertising. Chief Commercial Officer Reed Collins has led a creative team of 11 people to envision something unique for Hong Kong’s Pizza Hut: a pizza box that can MacGyver its way into becoming a projector. It is that simple, […]

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Flexible Fork and Other Ultra-Modern Tableware by James Stoklund

Can you imagine a cognac glass that can Twerk? Yeah, you read accurately; from a drinking glass with cute buttocks to utensils with bite marks, designer James Stoklund has been creating interesting stainless steel, silicone, and glass items for you to use in the kitchen or during a dinner party. Top: “Fork,” a flexible fork […]

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Amazing Kickstarter Products to Buy in 2015

Every month there are new products being crowdfunded on Kickstarter, some projects have flopped while others get so much support from backers that they surprisingly do much better than expected. A few examples are displayed here: Glow LLC asking for $100K in funding for their illuminated earphones and will be receiving near half-million dollars. Another […]

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2015 A’ Design Awards Call for Submissions

If you haven’t had a chance to enter the A’ Design Awards and Competition, now is the time. Entries are being accepted till September 30, 2014. There are over 100 categories to participate in, like computer graphics, architecture, product design, packaging, mobile design, and more. Many of the winning concepts and final creations are promoted through […]

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Become a Bird with this Fashion Accessory

There are a lot of people fascinated with owls—collecting them in all sorts of ways from crystal figurines to wood sculptures. And then there are many of us who just like birds in general and would love to strap on some wings and fly somewhere cool. The closest we can get is sitting in an […]

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Announcing the Winners of the 2014 A’ Design Awards

If you have been waiting for the results of the A’ Design Award and Competition, the wait is now over. From 12,525 entries in 105 categories, the judges have chosen 750 winning projects (see here). Our website Illusion has won a Platinum award for digital and broadcast media, another nod to all the hard work […]

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The Electric Cargo Bike

Two advantages of having a FEDDZ eletric bike are: 1) You don’t have to pedal because you ride it like a motorcycle, and 2) since it doesn’t have an engine and gas tank it has great storage space. Other cool features are: the seat height can be adjusted, it uses energy-saving LED lights, it has […]