Advertising Design Music Posters Recycled

Redemption Songs

TBWA’s First Floor Under has launched a series of posters that include CDs forming images of famous musicians such as Bob Marley,  Jim Morrison, Elvis Presley, among others.

Metal Posters Recycled Typography

Not So Boring

Graphic designer Martin Pyper has used steel pins and thread to make typographic illustrations.

Advertising Design Logotypes Posters

Can You Easily Guess the Brand?

I read a study some time ago that stated if the first letter and last letter of the same word are present, you can still read it in full. That is the case with many typos, they’re still readable. Another example of this can be seen in TVN Channel’s print ad campaign, which three famous […]

Advertising Animals Posters Recycled

Is Your Dog a Vegetarian?

This is an advertising campaign for SM Store to promote their new line of vegetarian dog food. The posters were designed by Out of the Box.

Advertising Design Portraits Posters Recycled

Inspirational Smiles

An advertising campaign that uses Happydent chiclets to form portraits of Gandhi, Mother Teresa and Mandela.  The posters were designed by McCann Erickson (India).