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Dali’s Skull Illusion Still Inspires

Note: Contains nudity. A skull formed by seven nude women is an optical illusion by Salvador Dali, who first made a gouache painting of it titled “In Voluptas Mors” which translates to a desirable death. In 1951, he adapted the work to a live photo shoot with Latvia photographer Philippe Halsman, as shown in the […]

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The Best Star Wars Movie Up-to-Date!

It is official: Star Wars is back! Disney buying out Lucasfilm was an event nobody saw coming—not industry wags or obsessive bloggers. The Mouse House has purchased Marvel and Pixar in recent times, but snapping up the Star Wars trademark and rights is a truly extraordinary happening. With the promise of a new trilogy just […]

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5 Brilliant Modern Movie Posters

A great majority of movie posters are uninspiring. You know it’s true. They are, by and large, utterly routine and photoshopped affairs with little more to say than “Come and see this new film!” They all look the same too. However, a few lucky ones break away from the unadventurous monotony and stand in their […]

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Polish Poster Designs

In Poland, there’s a long-established tradition of poster design. It really flourished when the movement known as the “Polish School of Posters” began in the 1950’s. A collective of artists including Henryk Tomaszewski, Franciszek Starowieyski, Waldemar Swierzy, Roman Cieslewicz and others fused the aesthetics of painting into the simple, concise poster format. They injected satirical […]

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Greatest Movie Typefaces

There are so many factors that go into a successful marketing campaign for a new film release. If it’s a big budget Hollywood picture then millions will be spent on every conceivable advertising outlet, and something as seemingly small as choosing the typeface for the promotional poster or credit sequence can have a huge impact […]

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Hand Masquerades

Studio Airport has envisioned a print campaign for Club Poema, a techno nightspot in Utrecht, Netherlands. To create four eye-catching posters, the designers Vincent de Boer, Maurits Wouters and Bram Broerse used face and body painting on models so that their subjects’ hands would become colorful masks.

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The Coolest Film Posters

For every summer blockbuster or art house release, there will be posters and other forms of advertisements to accompany them. As a rule of thumb, if it’s a terrible film then the poster will unlikely be a work of art. Following that logic, the more expensive and “Hollywood” the film is, the less likely its […]

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Aaron Kuehn’s Clever Typograms

American graphic artist, printmaker, and designer Aaron Kuehn’s “Bicycle Typogram” (above),  is a clever piece of typographical art that you can study to bone up on your knowledge of bike parts. I covet a print of this for my own home in a bright neon yellow if he ever makes one in that color (hint, […]

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From Paper to Digital Books

These posters are part of an advertising campaign for iReader, which relates to “Every book is a tragedy for trees. Read ebooks.” The images were published on LED billboards and digital media, but never shown for printed media. Credits: Advertising Agency: BBH, Shanghai, China Creative Directors: Yinbo Ma, Carol Ong Art Director: Haoxi Lv Copywriters: […]

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The Candy King

This print advertising campaign for Ricola’s herbal drops was designed by JVM studio (with illustration by Julien Canaveses). Each of the six candies included the face of a famous singer like Elvis Presley, Luciano Pavarotti, Madonna, and others. And as part of the marketing strategy these goods were offered to spectators at concerts.